Turtle Island United

Turtle Island United is the combined efforts of PAZA, Antinanco and Partners for Native Nations to continue to support indigenous communties as they transition out of Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, and seek to recover, organize and rebuild their communities stronger for the future. Turtle Island United Initiative was born from our "Native Covid-19 Campaign Project" which was created to assist Native Communities with COVID-19 humanitarian relief aid and contribute to long-term economic, wellness and food security solutions. A big part of Turtle Island United is focused on helping these indigenous communities to create clean water solutions, food growing initiatives, and integrate preventative measures, nutritious foods and traditional plant medicines into everyday lifestyle. We believe that it is a critical component in improving the people’s health and well-being during the pandemic and beyond, taking into the account, specifically the needs of elders and children.


Morning Mist over Forest
Our Current Initiatives
  • Wellness Kits
  • TIU WebSeries
  • Water is Life Campaign
  • Lakota Horse Camp
  • Crochet for a Cause
  • Sacred Sheep Skins
  • Support Native American Artisans