Delwin Fiddler, Jr.


Executive Diretor

Delwin Fiddler, Jr. is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Sans Arc band, and a world renowned Native American performing Artist.  Delwin has performed for two American President’s and the Royal Family in England. His traditional Grass Dance is displayed in a continual loop at the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

Delwin’s Lakota name is Hehakapa Mahto (Elk Bear).  He is third generation grandson of the Elk Head Red Hair (Hehakapa Pahinsa) who was the historical Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe.  

Aside from performing, Delwin's work involves a commitment to protecting and defending Mother Earth. He created PAZA to promote cultural awareness with cultural exchange as well as to preserve his heritage and keep the traditions of his native people strong for future generations. 

Maria Ragonese

Diretor Administration &

Program Development

Maria Ragonese's early carrer was in Corporate America as an administrative assistant in the Financial District of New York City.  After September 11, 2001, where Maria lost family in the attacks on the World Trade Center, she became involved with the grass-roots organizations advocating for the 9-11 Families. This radically reshaped her life. Today, she still works with 9-11 organizations to memoralize the memory of her loved ones and of all those lost on that fateful day.


Maria was born a healer.  Throughout the years, she's worked with healing ministries such as VNA Hospice, Crisis Text Line, and Stephen Ministries, to help guide people through life's difficult journies.


Maria's deep appreciation and respect for Native American History and Culture began when she was a child.  She always felt it would have a significant place in her life.  Today, she is an adopted member of the Sans Arc Band of the Lakota Souix. Her native name is Wichapi Waziya Wyan which means North Star Woman.  She has recently been invited to apprentice under a Blackfoot Elder to become a pipe keeper.  Maria is blessed and honored to be gifted this medicine, and feels it is the culmination of all the healing work she has done throughout her life.

Briana Fenston

Humanitarian Relief Coordinator/

Educational Support

Briana Fenston is a 2018 graduate of East Stroudsburg University, summa cum laude, with a dual BS degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Briana has always had a gift connecting with childern. Through her own struggles as a child with disabilities, she has always been an advocate for those who with special needs and/or who are underprivileged.

Briana is currently a RTII (Response to Intervention & Instruction) Teacher at the Easton Arts Academy in Easton, PA.


Along with her critical role, of coordinating logistics for PAZA's Humanitarian and Emergency relief efforts,  especially during the COVID 19 pandemic, she is also on the Advisory board as an educational consultant.


Briana has a deep respect for Native American history and culture.  She says, being part of the PAZA Team has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in her life.

Donna Marie Cassieri

Accounting/Content Editor

Donna Marie Cassieri is an expert Bookkeeper with 19 years of experience working for the East Stroudsburg Area School District in East Stroudsburg, PA. In recent years she worked exclusively with a federally funded program that provided free/reduced lunch for students.  Donna also worked additional jobs for accounting firms, assisting with preparing income tax returns during tax season.  She also has worked for non-profit organizations such as Pocono Alliance in payroll preperation and data entry.

Donna is very passionate about helping people in need and has served many charitable organizations throughout her life.  She has always had a heart and appreciation for Native American culture.


Donna's special gift is her ability to interpret messages from loved ones who have crossed over.  Her future aspiration is to study Reiki and learn how to channel her psychic abilities into healing energy bless and serve people everywhere.

Josh Keiper

Executive Assistant/Traveling Chef

Josh Keiper (Wakan Okpe Wicasa, Man Who Carries Medicine) graduated from Massage Therapy School in 2000 and is a Level 2 Reiki Practioner.  Josh has over 25 years experience in the food service industry as a chef, bartender, barista and candy cook. Josh is the owner and creator of Naked Toffee, a company that produces hand-crafted, gourmet toffee and peanut brittle of the highest quality.

Josh is caregiver to both his grandparents. He loves to work with senior citizens and he has an in-depth understanding of mental health and wellness and the needs of the elderly.

Josh is a Master Student in the School of life.  He possesses a wide varitey of skills and a strong love of using those skills to help others. He is always learning, improving and refining in all that he does.  A lifelong Martial Artist, he has studied many styles of Martial Arts including, Shaolin Chang Chuan, Ying Jow Pai and Tai Chi. He is a student of the I Ching and Tao Te Ching, and is receptive to the patterns of the Universe on a larger scale. He has developed systemized instruction for Kick Boxing Fitness classes and Women's Self Defense and Awareness as Rape Prevention. Josh is also versed in basic first aid as well as Hit Medicine and brews his own liniments and medicinal wines. Josh loves to sing and peform and embraces life to the fullest everyday.


Kenny Fenston

Tech Support/

Wildlife Warrior

Kenny Fenston has a natural ability in the field of computer technology and videography.  He has assisted in stage productions, managing sound, lighting and on screen graphics for various presentations.

Kenny is also a gifted mechanic and graduated Lincolon Technical Institue in Mahwah, NJ, in 2012 where he completed the Automotive Technican Training program. He has worked for companies such as Nissan and Ford.

Kenny's love of animals lead to self study and research in wildlife across the globe, with a particular interest in care of domesticated exoctic animals.  Kenny is looking forward to opening his own business in sales and consulting of Exotic Pets.  His goal is to educate customers on how to care for exotic animals so they can thrive in domesticated settings.