Our Programs

At PAZA, our programs and projects are our vision for the future

Indigenous Programs


​The great visionary and warrior Crazy Horse foretold that the people of the world would someday look to the Lakota Oyate (Nation) to help bring all races together.  With this in mind, PAZA will support the revival and preservation of Native American traditions, language, culture and ceremonies so that the wisdom of indigenous cultures will continue to be be passed down from generation to generation, and shared acrossed all cultures as a vital and untapped resource for healing, peace and understanding among all Nations.

PAZA will help create and support Native American communities by training up leaders and volunteers who are passionate about changing life on the reservations. We will supply training models for sharing traditional knowledge and ceremonies, mentorship, environmental protection and sustainable living, along with life skills education that will encourage a more positive mind set and hope for a better futre. 


Building Bridges

PAZA is dedicated to building a bridge between indigenous and non-indigenous cultures through cultural exchange in Arts and Education. Our interactive programs and presentations are customized for all educational grade levels k-12 including colleges and universities.
PAZA has also designed an interactive workshops to share the medicine ways of the First Nation people, along with practical application, for all ages groups. Theatrical storytelling is part of our performing arts program, combines both elements from both stage and screen as a way to share, preserve and pass down traditional stories from generation to generations.
We hold traditional Pow Wows and Cultural Festivals to bring people of all nations together to celebrate One Life, one Voice, One People.
Walk With Mother Earth

Our initiative called Walk with Mother Earth highlight Native Americans as the first stewards of the land and seek to include their wisdom and knowledge in the process of restoring balance to Our Mother Earth.

PAZA will spearhead partnerships with other nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to healing the earth, protecting the environment, replenishing the forests and creating sustainable living in all forms.  We will co-partner in events and workshops that celebrate the environment, conservation and sustainable living with the added perspective of the First Nations, so we can begin to understand how to walk in harmony with Nature and all living things.

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