Partners for Native Nations

for Turtle Island United

Our Partners for Native Nations consist of many friends and associates across the country who serve our Native Communites in many different capacities.  We found eachother during the Covid-19 Pandemic, rying to do as much as we couldindividually. All had a heart for our indigenous people.  All had a passion to serve.  However, when we connected, each bringing our own diverse skill sets to the group, we were able to create hope and affect positive changes in lives of many of our indigenous relatives.

Meet the Partners for Native Nations:

Jim Standing Bear Wheatly

Jim Standing Bear Wheatly Resides in Sandy, UT "Boots on the Ground", Logistics, Networking, Tribal Liason

Sharrie & Brayden

Sharrie (Imoklaya Hiloha) Perry Brayden (Coweskita) Nicholson Reside in Colorado Springs, CO "Boots on the Ground", Logistics, Homeless Population Initiative, Donations

Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson Mother Earth Guardians Resides in Philadelphia, PA Donations and Supply Coordinator, Project Volunteer

Julia Fike

Julia Fike Resides in Sessiston, SD Liason for Tribal Communities, Homeless Initiatives and Humanitarian Aid

Delwin Fidder

Delwin Fiddler Resides Easton, PA Enrolled Member Cheyenne River Sioux PAZA, Tree of Life Networking, Outreach, Tribal Liaison

Olga Sher

Olga Sher Founder Antinanco Resides in Holmdel, NJ Coordinator Turtle Island United Initiatives

Maria Ragonese

Maria Ragonese Resides in Easton, PA PAZA, Tree of Life Networking/Outreach

Elizabeth and Jacob

Elizabeth Scopio Neary Resides in Little Silver, NJ Herbalist, Project Volunteer

Mary Pierce

Mary Pierce Resides Wherever the Path Takes Her Road Warrior/Project Volunteer

Norma Bocanegra Larner

Norma Bocanegra Larner Resides Springfield, NJ Road Warrior/Project Volunteer

Jonathan Buchalter

Jonathan Buchalter Eco-Village Development Community Enrichment Project Volunteer