Sharrie Perry

Imoklaya Hiloha

(Gentle Thunder)

Sharrie Perry Imoklaya Hiloha (Gentle Thunder) was raised in Oklahoma with her brother Jim Standing Bear Wheatley and sister Kathy. She is from the Commanche and Choctaw Nation. 


Sharrie graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA in Computer Science and an AA in General Education.  She then went on to study law at the Northern University College of Law to become a paralegal. 


Sharrie volunteers her time helping the homeless and mentally ill find a way off the streets and provides them with the critical resources they need to survive. Her passion is helping women and children transition from bad situtions on the reservations into safe living. 

Sharrie says her passion for helping others started when she was a child, and credits her brother, Jim Standing Bear Wheatly with being her inspiration.  Sharrie says, "He told me: We are each a raindrop and a thousand raindrops become a waterfall and that waterfall can  move a mountain."  So I live my life in harmony with Nature and Creator, and pass this knowledge on to my grandson, who is the next generation."

Sharrie is widow and has two sons and two grandchildren.  She lives in Manituo Springs, Colorado where she runs and Inn and is raising her 10 year old grandson, Coweskita..  She uses proceeds from the Inn and her legal work to give back to her indigenous people on the reservations.

Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson was born in 1955 and in North East Philadelphia. Much of his working career centered around Maintenance and Opertions for the City of Philadelphia.  Follwing that time, Jack traveled the country and lived in various places such as Coahuila, Mexico before settling for a decade in Knowville, TN.  He currently resides in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Growing up in the 60's and early 70's, Jack was very aware of the Civil Right uprising, the Vietman War Protests, the Love and Happiness Movement of the Flower Children of Woodstock.  He has always had a kinship with nature and a great respect for the environment as well as deep love and respect for all humanity.   

Jack's passion is to travel across the country to answer the call of those in need, especially our Native Indigenous people living on reservations. 

Upon retirement in a few years, Jack hopes to establish a nonprofit called:  Mother Earth Guardians, that will bring people together who share the same passions for renewing the earth and serving humanity.

John Buchalter

Jon Buchalter is from Tuscaloosa, AL and has obtained his Bachelor’s in Community, Family, and Addiction Sciences, his Master’s in Counselor Education in Clinical Mental Health, and is a PhD candidate in the same program at Texas Tech University.


Jon's interests are focused in food security, renewable energy, eco-village development, community enrichment, substance abuse intervention, climate change response, and social justice advocacy pertaining to a variety of topics.

Jon is currently working in Arizona with leaders on the Hopi reservation to build a geo-thermal greenhouse that he hopes will turn into a pilot program, that can be shared with other reservations as first step toward addressing food sovergnity issues.


Jon hopes to be able to help develop rent-free agrarian living as a solution to confront and overcome a myriad of factors we collectively face.

Julia Fike

Julia Fike was born and raised in Florida, however in 2017, she and her mother (recently deceased) relocated to Sisseton, South Dakota, to the Lake Travers Indian Reservation where she has ancestory. Julia is mom to one daughter and aso has two beautiful grandchildren.


Julia is currently a member of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.  She is a committed supporter for his freedom.

Julia's passion is to help the homeless and she tirelessly works with members of the tribe to help ensure that the warming house is always open and available for them through the winter months.  Juila also partners with different humanitarian groups to help bring much needed aid to the people especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This is how she became connected to the Partners of Native Nations for Turtle Island where she has found a home.

Elizabeth Scopio Neary

Elizabeth Scopio Neary knew at age 17, after she read East of Eden by Jethro Kloss, that she felt connected to the path of herbal and alternative medicine.  While she chose a completely different career path, years later, destiny brought her back to her true calling while she searched for a way to heal herself and her family from chronic illnesses.


Elizabeth took many classes toward her path to becoming as an herbalist, and completed her apprenticeship under Donna Reynolds at Willow Moon HerbalsToday, Elizabeth is the Founder of Healing Fortitude Botonicals LLC, a holistic company where she offers her tinctures, infusions and elixirs that offer your body the nutrients and essentials it craves to stay in balance. Her Master Tonic is one of a kind.

Through her association with Antinanco, a New Jersey based nonprofit committed to preserving traditional and indigenous knowledge, and providing public access to education beyond the classroom walls, Elizabeth became a driving force behind their Turtle Island United Project's Health & Wellness Kits that provide tradtional plant-based medicinals, supplements and nutrional foods for our indigenous relative across Turtle Island.

Elizabeth resides in Little Silver, NJ with her husband, Scott and her son, Jacob who is a firefighter.