Our Mission

Wanjila Wiconi. Wanjila Ho. Wangila Oyate.


PAZA, Tree of Life is dedicated to the revival, empowerment and sovereignty of the Indigenous People of Turtle Island.  We believe in returning to traditional and cultural ways of understanding and that the connection to our ancestors and Mother Earth is the bridge between the past and the future.  By returning to the roots of traditional culture, practices and ceremonies we seek to create a path of hope for future generations.

PAZA invites all people into the circle of learning to further understand the plight of the Indigenous People of Turtle Island. We believe that education and humility will someday be the key to reconciliation.  All stories, all histories should be heard and honored.

In an effort to promote unity and build bridges between cultures, PAZA will serve disadvantaged communities through humanitarian relief aid wherever the need is present setting the example of servanthood among all Nations.

It is our belief that only through cultural awareness with cultural exchange we will someday arrive at the simple, indelible truth:  We are all human beings, we are all connected, and we are all One Life, One Voice, One People.