About Us

 The PAZA, Tree of Life Staff, Board and Advisory Board are made up of deverse members from many different cultural backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, skill sets and talents from all over the country.  This allows us a broad spectrum of world and indigenous viewpoints to keep us aligned with our vision that we are all one life, one voice and one people

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Delwin Fiddler, Jr.


Executive Director

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Maria Ragonese

Director of Administration &

Program Development

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Briana Fenston

Humanitarian Relief  Coordinator

& Educational Consultant

Donna-Marie Cassieri

Accounting/Content Editor

Josh Keiper

Executive Assistant/Traveling Chef

Kenny Fenston

Tech Support/Wildlife Warrior

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Michael Ragonese Board Chair

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Olga Sher

Board Member

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Blaine Ginther

Board Member

Jonathan Berryhill

Board Member

Shaleen Davis

Board Member

Mary Cirocco

Board Member

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Joe Resch


Indigenous Agriculture

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Jane L. Fitzpartick

Historical Storyteller

Honoring Indigenous Cultures 

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Burton Guerue

Native American Art & Design/Marketing

Jim Standing Bear Wheatly

Native Relief  Network/

Logistical Support